Natural Stone Tree of Life Necklace - Assorted Colors Available

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Center your energy and feel your best! These Tree of Life pendants can be found in a variety of colors that intertwine with those of the chakras. Circle style pendant with tree design in the center is adorned with colored stones. Highly sought after, these stones are believed by many to help in ways such as absorbing negative energy so that the positive around them prevails.  Made of stainless steel with a PU (faux leather) rope style chain. Lead and nickel free. Pendant is approximately 2 inches in diameter.

Colors of the Chakra:

Violet (crown)- Enlightenment

Indigo (third eye)- Intuition

Blue (throat)- Communication

Green (heart)- Balance

Yellow (solar plexus)- Energy

Orange (sacral)- Sexuality

Red (root)- Grounding

Supporting Colors:

White (air) -Purity

Brown (Earth) - Stability


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